Meet the Beast

Hi, there & welcome to the blog! I'm the Cake Beast. (I can't be the Cake Boss, after all.) Well, I'm really just Lissie, the nut who stays up all night making cakes for people. You can thank my sister for the unfortunate nickname. Apparently, I was a real joy to have as a little sister, so she named me Lisabeast, which then got shortened to Beastly (after that awful little creature in the Care Bears cartoons). It's become a term of endearment - or so she says - now that we're adults.
Back to the cakes. I am a self-taught baker. I learned as a child to always make everything from scratch in my grandmother's kitchen. I started out making birthday cakes for my own children for fun. A Facebook friend then hired me to make one for her daughter - yay, social media. Since then, my little hobby has become a small side-job. Seeing as I live with 5 children, however, I do most of my baking at odd hours. It's the only way I can avoid getting "help" from my little friends. 

This blog is where I showcase the cakes I have been working on. If you're looking for stories of my ridiculous life with 5 children and too many pets (and mountains of laundry), you can find me over at my other blog: Giggles & Screams.

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