Monday, July 9, 2012

The Hydrangea Cake

This past weekend, my sister-in-law had her bridal shower. Over the last few weeks, the other bridesmaids and I had been making plans for how to decorate the shower. One of the girls made centerpieces of hydrangeas and I figured I could make some kind of cake to complement them.

So I turned to Google, just as I always do when I'm working on a new cake. I Googled "hydrangea cake" and came across a blog called I Am Baker. This blogger just happened to have a picture tutorial of a hydrangea cake that she had made. How perfect!

So - crossing my fingers that I wouldn't screw it up (& be forced to buy a grocery store sheet cake en route to the shower) - I set about making three hydrangea cakes. Each flower had four petals and each cake was covered with roughly 85 million flowers (I might be exaggerating slightly). In other words, it was painstaking work. My left hand was cramped in a really attractive claw when I was all done.

But, it was so worth it! The bride loved the cakes and the decorations the other bridesmaids put together coordinated perfectly!

The cake table
A close-up
A slice of cake

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