Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Princess Cakes

Here are some of the princess cakes I've done over the years. I find them a little tricky because of their faces. One minute you're piping on lips, the next minute you've made Angelina Jolie. And don't even get me started on the noses (Princess Barbara Streisand)... No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. I have made that Ariel cake too so many times!

This was the first of many Ariel cakes. Lucy took it to school. Her poor teacher got stuck cutting and serving it to a bunch of preschoolers. (Sorry, Corkum!)
This was for Lucy's family party. It's also the one I accidentally broiled in the oven briefly. Which is why it looks a little "melty" (& tan).
This was the first cake I ever made for hire.
Then the Ariel orders just kept coming...
This one even had little fishy friends...
We won't mention that I dropped these cupcakes on my way to delivering them.

This was the Ariel I decorated in a hotel room (can't you tell by the soft lighting?). We were doing construction and living in a hotel. I baked at home and brought all of my bowls and frosting ingredients to the hotel. Apparently, I haven't learned to say no.
Finally, Cinderella for a change!
A little Tinkerbell action
Of course, who doesn't love Belle?
These are the princess cakes. I'd love to expand my princess repertoire beyond Ariel... care to order someone new? Contact me at thecakebeast@gmail.com

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