Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July

We held our annual 4th of July cookout this year. I decided to make two cakes. I went with the patriotic rose cake (although, mine doesn't look nearly as nice as the one at iambaker) and my coconut cream cake.

The rose cake was fun because I colored the layers inside, too. The only problem was that I made it the night before and couldn't wait until the next day to cut into it and take a picture. So, I cut a slice and carefully put it back when I was done. I figured my guests wouldn't really mind that much.

My attempt at the Patriotic Rose cake

Red, white, & blue layers for the occasion

The last day of school, I made a coconut cream cake for my assistant principal, Zaida. It was a recipe I had never tried and I was a little worried about how it might taste. I always get nervous giving someone a cake that I haven't tried myself. She texted me later that evening to tell me the cake was "SUPER" and that she wanted it named after her. I figured with praise like that, my guests might like it at my cookout, too. Luckily, it was a big hit! This time around, I made stabilized whipped cream frosting because I was worried about it falling apart in the heat we had. It held up great!

Coconut Cream Cake a.k.a. Zaida's Cake

The cakes were a hit for the Fourth of July and I had fun trying a few new things. I've got a few orders coming up, but I'd love to add some recipes and techniques to my repertoire. If you've got ideas or orders for me, send them along!

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