Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Rose Cake

Last summer, I was looking for cake inspiration for my sister-in-law's bridal shower cake. The other bridesmaids were decorating with hydrangeas, so I thought I should find something to match. While searching for images of hydrangea cakes, I came across the tutorial from 'i am baker'. I followed along, using the colors from my sister-in-law's theme and came up with my own version of hydrangea cakes.

Every year, my friend, Erika, orders a cake for her trip to Martha's Vineyard. Last year, I made her a Lilly Pulitzer cake because her favorite colors are pink and green. This year, I thought I'd try something new. I'm lucky because Erika loves my cake. I figured that even if I screwed it up, she'd still eat it.

I was looking for something different and stumbled upon the Rose Cake tutorial from 'i am baker'. She is really my new cake hero. (If you get the chance, check out her Patriotic Rose Cake on YouTube - she's awesome and the cake looks like so much fun.)

So, I decided to make Erika a pink and green rose cake for her annual trip to Martha's Vineyard. It's fun, summery, and in her favorite colors. I only made one large layer, but this cake technique is really versatile and easy. I can't wait to try it on a multi-layer cake and play with the colors.

Here's the finished product:

Rose Cake
What do you think?

I'm ready to try it again, so feel free to place an order!

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