Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Three Cake Weekend

Last weekend was a 3 cake weekend. Friday, I volunteered to make a cake for the kids' end of the year potluck at school. Saturday, I was booked for a christening. And Sunday, I made a birthday cake.

Unfortunately, I got so wrapped up in those cakes, that I didn't think to make one for Father's Day. (I owe you one, dad. With extra frosting!)

Needless to say, my counters had lots of bowls going all weekend long. Chocolate batter, strawberry batter, and many colors of frosting. My apron got a real workout. 

This was the cake for the kids' potluck. The school logo got a little wobbly, but I figured kids will eat anything and decided not to fix it.
A friend at work was having her daughter, Grace's, christening. 
Somebody else ordered an Abby Cadabby cake for their daughter's birthday. They also wanted strawberry cake so that it would be pink inside. The whole kitchen smelled like strawberry while it baked!
And this is what the counter looks like when I start coloring all of the buttercream frosting. Abby Cadabby was a colorful character!
Other than the four dozen cupcakes I made for my son's class party (at 4am), I don't have any other cakes booked this weekend. So, if you're hungry for homemade cake, you know who to contact!

**Don't forget that if you're in the Boston area and need some cake you can send me an email ( or use the contact form on the right sidebar to tell me what you need!

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