Monday, June 24, 2013

A Cast of Characters

A lot of my cakes are ordered for children's birthdays. Anyone who knows kids, knows that they usually have a favorite movie or TV character that they're into depending on their age. Here are some of my favorite "character cakes" that I've made. (If you're looking for princesses, you can find them here.)

This whole cake thing really started when I made my first cake for my oldest child's 2nd birthday. At the time, he was totally obsessed with Bob the Builder. I bought the pan, followed the instructions, and the rest is history...
A little inexperienced, but not too shabby
My son really wanted a Star Wars cake for one of his birthdays. When one of my friends saw it, she ordered a small one for her boyfriend, too!
This one was for my son
Matching light saber cupcakes
A "grown-up" Star Wars cake
Video games always seem to be popular. Here are a couple of cakes inspired by the Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario himself
"Mushroom" cupcakes to match
Mario wouldn't be complete without Luigi!
The character cakes I've done have really run the gamut. From cartoons, books, and video games there have been quite a few. Here's a random sample:
Mickey Mouse
Angelina Ballerina
Harry Potter
Spiderman cupcakes
The Wild Kratts
Thomas the Tank Engine (complete with rock candy "smoke")
Lego Firetruck
Skylanders and the Portal of Power
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Daniel Tiger
Strawberry Shortcake
Hello Kitty

There's a cast of characters in cake. If you have a special request, send it along... I'd love to add a new character to my repertoire!

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  1. Better start working on your Tinkerbell for August!

    1. I can't wait! I've even got the pan for that one.